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Monday, June 28, 2010

Necrotic Chaos

Diskografi Rasmi:
Promo Tape (Demo, 1993)  
Into the Dark Desire (Split, 1994)   
Splitting the Vulva (Split, 2002)   
Regime Grotesque (2003)
Black As The Insect (EP, 2005)

Necrotic Chaos - Black As The Insect
Tahun : 2005
Negara : Malaysia
Genre : Brutal Death Metal

Senarai lagu:
1. Black As The Insect
2. It's Depth Unpenetrable
3. Immaterial Majesty
4. My Oath For Thee (Langsuyr cover)


Necrotic Chaos - Regime Grotesque
Tahun : 2003
Negara : Malaysia
Genre : Brutal Death Metal

Senarai lagu:
01.    Fateless Revolution
02.    Perilous Curse of Supernatural
03.    Regime Grotesque
04.    The Black Flames of Hatred
05.    Necrochemical Suicide
06.    Cataclysmical Enlightenment
07.    Necrotic Chaos (A Lust Macabre)
08.    Reigns Supreme


Preview lagu 'Necrotic Chaos (A Lust Macabre)' melalui YOUTUBE

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