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Friday, July 29, 2011

Koleksi Metal Asia Tenggara [Edisi Death Metal]

Koleksi Metal Asia Tenggara [Edisi Death Metal]
Tahun : 2011
Negara : Asia Tenggara
Genre : Brutal
| Technical | Melodic Death Metal

Senarai lagu:
01 Grotesque - Let Me Fall
02 Gutted Morgen - Jiwa Membusuk
03 Servorum - Bestial Machinery
04 Intricated - Represent Existence
05 Disgusted - Strangulation
06 Dehumanize - Golgotha (Place Of The Skull)
07 Dominator - Total Chaos
08 Orestes - Ironi Akhir Zaman
09 Lamaw - Disgust Murder
10 Psycho - Lords Of Slaughter
11 Panic Disorder - Doktrin Penghancur
12 Final Stage - Ruong Bo
13 Guillotined - Souls Eternally Devoured
14 Crown ov Horns - Operation Searchlight
15 AnormA - Hellucination
16 Omerta - Grow Up From The Sickness
17 Nightmares - A Lin Mae
18 Auticed - Jala Hitam Ksatria
19 August Mayhem - Decapitator
20 Deus Ex Machina - Jigsaw
21 Langsuyr - Bullet (Bonus Track)
22 Hebiimetaru - Winter's Cruelty (Bonus Track)


ini adalah kompilasi yg pertama (lagu diambil dr album 2009-2011 secara rawak) dihadiahkan dr blog ini, yang mungkin akan berterusan mengikut genre atau negara. terima kasih.

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