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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Condom Decay

Condom Decay - Pregnanthology
Tahun : 2010
Negara : Thailand
Genre : Porngrind / Grindcore

Senarai lagu:
01. Encephalitis Because Watching Porno And Masturbation Everyday
02. Voice Of Lust
03. Omphalocele
04. Genesis Mutation
05. Asian Amature Animals Duo Sadistical Erotica [Remake]
06. Spread The Presnant Uterus And Puke To The Fetus' Head [Remake]
07. Million Of Monsters' Cocks In Cancerous Clitoris [Remake]
08. Your Twat Is Bigger Than My Butt!
09. Severe Endometrosis
10. Exorcism (Hepatic Encephalopathy)
11. Habitually
12. Amonic Membrane Ruptured
13. Hysterectomy
14. Precocious Puperty
15. Sick
16. Vibro Vulnificus
17. Ependymoma
18. Caranculae Mytiform
19. Myocardial
20. Malignance Metastasis
21. Bilateval Salpingo-Oophorectomy
22. Une Souris Verte (Ultra Vomit Cover)
23. Carcinosarcoma Fermented In Scrotal Cystz CSmallpox Aroma Cover)
24. Chainsaw Legend
25. Episiotomy Of Perinium
26. Mental Retard
27. Outro
28. Taylor Rain (Gut Cover) [Live]


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